Still taking a beating

Twenty-four hours, and almost nothing new to report. We’re 301 miles from Stanley, and the skipper’s estimate is that it will take us another 40 hours to cover the distance. There’s a sweepstake running on the actual time of arrival on Thursday morning at the dock, with two lines ashore. My money’s on 9.12 am boat time.

We’re still beating, but the headwinds aren’t as strong right now and the terrible, boneshaking slamming has stopped except for the odd rogue wave. On this starboard tack we’re heading somewhere north of Falkland, which on the plotter looks considerably more encouraging than the port tack which had us pointed straight at Buenos Aires. Strong north-westerlies are forecast for tonight, which will drive us south again to hit our objective. Subtle business, this sailing.

Otherwise it’s just on watch, off watch to sleep if possible, eat and read if not too queasy. My Kindle has broken, so I’m cut off from my supply of interesting and insightful new novels. I have listened to all my podcasts at least twice, and my appetite for a third run-through of In our Time on the Etruscans is quite limited. I shall have to resort to the boat’s library, which is well-stocked with briny sailing and mountaineering books and a slightly worrying sprinkling of Henry Miller, but has fewer interesting and insightful ones to choose from.

We are so cut off from the world, in our spell of wind and waves. We’ve had no real news of outside events for a month now;  nothing about the Greek euro default, politics and politicians, Life&Style, Hallowe’en, Libya, nothing. (‘When did the war end?’)

Apart from the obvious cravings – for a rocket salad, a stationary bed with sheets, clean clothes and hair – what I am longing for most of all is a fresh newspaper.

Santiago will be the first chance. In Stanley, there is the local Penguin News, £1.50 weekly, and I saw that the supermarket had a two-month old copy of Hello!

Fingers crossed for the blessed north-westerlies to blow us to shore…

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4 Responses to Still taking a beating

  1. dorothy wolfe says:

    The West End lights were turned on yesterday – not an angel or a manger in sight. Christmas parcels and candy sticks are the symbols of choice for what is referred to as the winter festival. Gadaffi is dead and Greece is sinking fast; protesters are camping outside St Pauls in a campaign against capitalism in general and bankers in particular. However, we still have unseasonable warmth and David Attenborough’s “Frozen Planet” series which is terrific – something to look forward to when you reach these shores. x

  2. Gary says:

    So my point was that nephew, Gav who is great and u being such an inspiring woman who has a beautiful daughter maybe after acknowledging Gav’s limited capabilities we could inspire something. Hey they don’t call me the …for nothing and believe me I am going to be crucified .

    • Jimmy Millard says:

      Hello Pelagic from all at Nunley Farm – Nicko, Gilly and Jimmy are all waiting for you at Denao’s PS for a shindig – we’re getting stuck into a bottle……

      We thought you’d be here by now ? Judging by the satellite image we’re assuming that John has set the wrong gib !!

  3. Sam Thorp says:

    @Gary. You keep up the good work. Gav needs all the help he can get.

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