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Annabel Robinson at FMcM Associates

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Carolyn Wilkins says:

    Hi Janey
    We are just back from our Ethiopia trip which was great but a little tame comparatively !
    I thought of you on your birthday and reading about it reminded me of mine in Ladakh with you all What an adventure you are having -I have loved reading the blog, tho all in one go.
    Will be more than happy to see 500 penguin pics if they are diluted with snow & mountains .
    Take care Love Carolyn & Bob

  2. Maree Burt Graham says:

    Once again from my perch on the peninsula, I delight in your books and amazing adventures. A life truly lived.. Enjoyed Daughter of the House, although I felt sorry for Nancy, but I guess a baby would help to ease the loss of an eye.!!! Your books have inspired me to complete a book of short stories. Keep them coming. Cheers Maree Burt-Graham Whangaparaoa.

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