Message fron Laura, First Mate on Pelagic Australis:

“Oh how quickly everything changes.  Strong winds, pouring rain, and the intrepid mountaineers haven’t left their tents all day! The weather was too ferocious for us to make it over and safely anchor at Fortuna Beach so we are still tied snugly alongside the dock at Grytviken. Even if we had been able to make it to the bay, there would be no chance of getting ashore due to the wind and surf, and so Skip called at lunchtime to tell us to stay here and wait till tomorrow to head over to them.

It feels awful to us, sitting here in the comfort of the boat: warm, dry, plenty of food and drink, a kettle on the boil whenever we want it, space to stand up and walk around.  When the call came through at 8pm, Skip said they were still cooped up, listening to the rain drumming on the outside of the tent, and whenever they did venture outside they got soaking wet, which in turn meant that everything inside the tent got soaking wet – he said it was easier just to stay inside.

The weather has already moderated so we’ll leave at 4 in the morning – at first light, to be there at breakfast time and we’ll hand over the brownies I made earlier today along with some dry kit. Then the team will hopefully have sensible conditions to make it over the last pass to Stromness where we’ll take them on board tomorrow night.

With any luck, Janey will be back tomorrow with her update and summary of the past week, so until then…”

King penguins at the foot of Fortuna Glacier, South Georgia Island

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1 Response to Rain…

  1. Kathy says:

    Laura, you are doing a great job. I was expecting a radio blackout while they did the Traverse!!
    I can’t wait to hear Janey’s version of the expedition. Totally awesome.

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