Breakwind Ridge, Tuesday 18th October 2011

Message fron Laura, First Mate on Pelagic Australis:

“Very poor Iridium connection on the phone tonight, only managed to give them the forecast and to find they are nearly on the Breakwind Ridge. It was a stunningly beautiful day here at Grytviken so we are hoping they had similar conditions up there.

The forecast is for the breeze to fill in from tomorrow overnight, and then blow hard all day on Thursday. After that it looks calm again so we hope they’ll decide to stay up and weather the storm.  If they don’t, we’ll be picking them up tomorrow or on Thursday morning, but we feel it would be a shame if they cut it short.  We’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

Sorry we can’t be more informative, but we tried to call back to speak to Janey, and their phone is switched off.  They have to conserve batteries in this cold weather and use the phone for absolutely necessary comms only.

More tomorrow…”

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